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What Components Constitute the Viability of an Auto Accident Claim?

We focus on the injuries first. If you want to bring a claim in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, the claim has to fall into that threshold, which I explained earlier. There must be injuries, and medical bills totaling over $2000. Therefore, if you do not fall into any of those criteria then you cannot bring a claim for your pain and suffering from this accident. Let us just say that you ended up with a facial scar from this accident, and then we need to look at what the value of the scar is on your face. The plastic surgeon may state that there are certain medical measures that can make the scar less obtrusive, but still not completely disappear, but certain medical treatments are used to lessen the appearance of the scar, but it may still be permanent. Therefore, we look at the costs of these treatments involved.

We want to know if there is any future treatments needed. We look at the time you missed from work, or school. We check to see how much time away from work you missed, and what was the lost wages incurred. We document your treatments from the period that you were disabled or partial disability if any disability occurred. All those factors go into the evaluation of your claim. However, you have to fall into that threshold of being able to bring a claim to surface. We look at what the medical bills cost as well. We ask the medical provider to offer their opinion whether you have a permanent disability, and what the permanency is, and then we factor that over a life expectancy.

Can Someone Practically Handle an Auto Accident Claim on Their own?

You can handle a personal injury case on your own, but I would never recommend you try that. It is always best to retain the services of a highly skilled personal injury attorney. It is much the same thing as we spent talking about what elements constitute a claim. I have extensive knowledge as to what a particular case is worth. Most lay people have no idea where to start, and they do not have the experience of practicing this specialty of law.

If somebody had an injury, and they thought they could treat themselves, but in fact they go to a qualified doctor, that is the choice they make. It is the same thing if they have an injury claim, they should speak to an attorney who has this wealth ok knowledge in handling these claims, because they have handled many of them in the past, know how to handle them, know how to evaluate them, and they know what they are worth.

What Sets Your Firm Apart in Handling Auto Accident Cases?

We have been fighting big insurance companies for over twenty-five years, and over that period, we have developed a system that is designed to streamline the process. We stay in contact with clients on a periodic basis, and we address their concerns. Most importantly, we take all of these concerns and issues off the client’s shoulders. The client has to worry about getting better and attending to their day-to-day activities the best they can during this trying time.

Additional Information Regarding Auto Accident Claims

I did make the point several times. It takes time to resolve these cases, several months and longer on the larger cases. Each claim and each case is individual. Generally, that is an estimate on most cases, and I just want potential clients to be aware of that.

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