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Snow and Ice Accidents on the Job

Massachusetts Lawyer for Workers’ Compensation Claims

Slip and falls are some of the most common personal injury accidents. What many people don’t realize, however, is that slip and fall accidents can also happen on the job and give rise to a workers’ compensation claim. If you work outdoors or in a retail environment where snow and ice may accumulate around the building or at the entrance or exit, then you may be at risk of suffering a snow and ice accident on the job arising from a slip and fall. A seasoned Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney at our firm is available to assist individuals with filing work injury claims involving a variety of scenarios. Contact us to determine whether you may be eligible for benefits, such as temporary or permanent disability benefits, under the workers’ compensation system.

Seeking Benefits for Snow and Ice Accidents on the Job

When you fall at work or at a remote location that you visited as part of your job responsibilities, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to cover your missed wages and medical expenses, as well as compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. In general, workers’ compensation does not cover injuries that are suffered when an employee is traveling to or from work. There are some exceptions to this rule for instances where a regular part of your job is traveling to another location on behalf of your employer. Outdoor workers provide some of the best examples of this because they travel to perform construction, landscaping, or other work at private locations on behalf of their employer.

Another exception covers situations involving accidents that happen on the property that the employer owns outside of any building. If your employer owns a parking lot, for example, and you fall on black ice and suffer an injury, you may be eligible to receive benefits through the workers’ compensation system. If you suffer an injury while traveling home after an offsite event that is related to work and that the employer sponsored, you may similarly be eligible for benefits. Finally, you may also be eligible to receive workers’ compensation if your employer requires you to use a company vehicle for your travel and you get into a car accident resulting from snow and ice.

The primary question that must be evaluated in each of these scenarios is whether you were in or traveling to an area for the benefit of your employer as part of your job duties. If you left the office for lunch or to perform a personal errand, then you would probably not be eligible to receive benefits for any snow and ice injuries that happened during this time. One of the best ways to determine your potential eligibility is by evaluating whether you were on the clock when the accident took place and whether traveling is a routine part of your job duties. A dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer can review the facts of your case to determine your possible legal options.

If you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, you may be required to undergo medical examinations to determine whether your injuries are partial or total, and whether they are temporary or permanent. Having a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer in Massachusetts on your side during this process can help to ensure that you are treated fairly and that your legal rights are protected. Insurance companies often fight claims for benefits using a variety of tactics, such as alleging that your pain is the result of a pre-existing injury and not causally related to your work accident.

Skilled Workers’ Compensation Attorney Serving Massachusetts

The workers’ compensation system can seem incredibly daunting, especially if this is your first time navigating a legal issue. If you have suffered a snow and ice accident on the job in Massachusetts, a compassionate workers’ compensation lawyer at our firm is available to answer your questions and help you understand your legal rights. We serve clients in areas around Boston, Cambridge, Lowell, Newton, Somerville, Waltham, Quincy, Dedham, Norwood, Brookline, and Peabody. We offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and the legal options that may be available to you. Call us at  (800) 262-9200 or contact us online to get started.

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