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Car Accidents

Motor Vehicle Collision Attorney Representing Residents of Boston

A catastrophic car accident or even a routine crash can cause a serious disruption in the accident victims’ lives. Whether you are unable to return to your usual occupation or facing lifelong disabilities, you may need to deal with the impact of the accident for many months or even years to come. During this challenging time, it is critical that you put a knowledgeable and experienced Boston car accident lawyer on your side. 

At The Law Offices of Barry Feinstein & Affiliates P.C., we have handled many types of motor vehicle collision cases involving cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. We pride ourselves on ensuring that victims and their loved ones receive the compassionate and responsive legal counsel that they deserve.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers Who Will Fight for You

There are thousands of vehicle accidents every year, with thousands of people being killed or injured. While high-impact crashes are more likely to result in catastrophic injuries, you may also suffer injuries in small fender benders. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury as a result of a vehicle accident, you may be entitled to considerable financial compensation for your suffering.

The Law Offices of Barry Feinstein & Affiliates P.C. is one of the most prestigious personal injury law firms in the country, representing clients across Massachusetts. A well-deserved reputation for being passionate champions for the wounded has been established by our team of skilled car accident lawyers. Our objective is to help car accident victims recover from their injuries and get them the compensation they deserve.

Pursuing a Car Accident Claim for Compensation

Car Accidents attorney

Serious car accidents are often complicated. It can be difficult to know the best way to go about protecting your legal rights. Under Massachusetts law, there are certain things that you must prove before you will be able to receive compensation. 

Proving Duty of Care

First, you must show that the defendant owed you a duty of care. When it comes to driving, each motorist has a duty to operate his or her vehicle with the same reasonable care and skill that a prudent and careful driver would use when facing a similar situation on the road. This duty is owed to passengers as well as people in surrounding vehicles and pedestrians.

The Defendant Failed to Fulfill Their Duty of Care

Next, you must show that the defendant failed to drive according to this duty. There are many different ways that drivers may violate the standard of care, including texting while driving, exceeding the speed limit, or driving while intoxicated. You may need to identify witnesses and other sources of evidence that can help show how the accident occurred and how the defendant’s lack of care caused the accident. 

An accident reconstruction expert may be helpful in complex cases, especially when multiple vehicles are involved or witnesses have clashing descriptions of the accident. A car accident attorney in the Boston area can help you retain the experts that you need to prove your case.

The Defendant’s Conduct Caused the Collision

If you show that the defendant did not act with the appropriate level of care that he or she owed you at the time of the crash, you must show that the accident and the injuries that you sustained were a direct and foreseeable outcome of the crash. 

If the defendant can show that some other factor was the primary cause of your injuries, such as severe weather or a hazard in the roadway, you may be barred from recovering compensation. 

Your Injuries and Monetary Losses Were Related to the Crash

The final stage of the lawsuit involves providing information about the damages you suffered due to the crash. You may be entitled to receive compensation for

  • past and future medical bills, 
  • lost wages, 
  • diminished earning capacity, and 
  • pain and suffering. 

This phase of the trial often requires retaining expert witnesses who can help you describe the accident’s impact on you in physical, emotional, and financial areas.

What Are the Common Causes of Car Accidents in Massachusetts?

fatal car accident attorney in Peabody, MA

Speeding Accidents

Speeding is one of the most common traffic violations that American drivers commit on a daily basis. There are many different reasons why drivers speed. Some people are late for work or to pick up children, while others are simply impatient behind the wheel.

Regardless of the reasons, speeding can lead to some of the most devastating accidents, including fatal car crashes and property damage.

At the Law Offices of Barry Feinstein & Affiliates, our seasoned Massachusetts car accident lawyer has represented many victims of speeding accidents in Greater Boston and the surrounding areas. We know how stressful and expensive this situation can be, especially if you are facing permanent disabilities due to the crash. Our law firm will ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the entire process while protecting your right to recover compensation from a driver who caused your injuries.

Speed Limits in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has taken a number of steps to address the dangers that result from speeding. It adopted a Vision Zero campaign to eliminate serious and fatal traffic accidents by 2030.

Under Massachusetts law, drivers are required to obey posted speed limits. When there is no posted speed limit, drivers must travel at a reasonable and safe speed, taking into account the roadway conditions, weather, and any other hazards.

In some of Massachusetts’ more densely populated areas, such as Boston, the speed limit is generally no more than 30 miles per hour. In 2016, the state enacted a new law that allows cities and towns to drop the speed limit to 25 miles per hour in heavy business districts or densely populated areas.

There are many pedestrians, bicyclists, and other people in these areas, and the lower speed limits are intended to protect them from car accidents, while also reducing the chances of multiple-vehicle collisions.

On Route 128, the speed limit is generally 55 miles per hour, while it is 65 miles per hour on the Massachusetts Turnpike. There are some locations where the speed limit on the highway is reduced, such as the Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston.

Obtain Compensation from a Careless Driver

If you were injured in a crash because the other driver was speeding, your Boston personal injury lawyer can bring a negligence lawsuit against him or her to recover compensation for your damages.

There are a number of things that you must prove as the plaintiff, starting with showing that the other driver owed you a duty to drive carefully. Every motorist has a duty to operate his or her car with reasonable care and skill, which includes obeying traffic laws and refraining from distracted driving.

Providing evidence that the defendant failed to abide by the speed limit can help you establish the second element, which is showing that the defendant did not operate his or her vehicle according to the duty of care that he or she owed to you.

After establishing duty and the defendant’s breach of that duty, you must prove that there is a causal connection between the defendant’s lack of care and the injuries that you sustained. If the defendant can show that some other factor was the primary cause of the injuries that you suffered, you may be denied compensation. If the defendant can show that you were 51% or more at fault for your injuries, for example, you will be barred from receiving compensation.

After establishing causation, the case will focus on the amount of damages that you are entitled to receive. There are several different categories of damages available to speeding accident victims in Massachusetts, including

  • past and future estimated medical expenses,
  • lost wages,
  • reduced earning capacity,
  • diminished quality of life,
  • pain and suffering, and more.

A seasoned car accident lawyer can help you ensure that you seek the full amount of compensation that you deserve.

Speeding accidents are always sudden and inconvenient, regardless of the circumstances. Ensuring that you assert your legal right to compensation and protect yourself against insurance companies that do not always have your best interests in mind can be stressful. Talk to our car accident lawyer today!

Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving accidents are one of the biggest threats to Boston residents, including motorists and pedestrians.

Although most everyone knows the dangers of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, countless drunk driving accidents take place each day.

In 2014 alone, over 10,000 motorists lost their lives as the result of a drunk driver throughout the United States, including Massachusetts. Boston drunk driving accident lawyer Barry Feinstein has provided diligent and knowledgeable legal counsel to victims of drunk driving accidents and their families, including in wrongful death situations.

While you are addressing the negative impacts of the accident, including healing your bodily injury, our law firm will fully investigate your claim and assert your legal rights to the fullest extent.

Drunk Driving Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

Drunk driving accidents can happen virtually anywhere and at any time of the day or night. Many collisions involving intoxicated drivers happen at night, but daytime accidents are also possible.

When a driver is intoxicated, their ability to react appropriately to changing road conditions is drastically reduced. Also, an intoxicated driver may not be aware of street signs or other traffic flow patterns. This is why many drunk driving accidents involve motorists traveling down the wrong side of the highway or traversing medians and barriers.

When drunk driving accidents happen at high speed, the injuries can be absolutely devastating. This is particularly true when the accident involves a head-on collision or T-bone collision in an intersection.

Some of the most common injuries that victims of drunk driving accidents suffer include

  • broken bones,
  • severe bruising,
  • amputations,
  • scarring and disfigurement,
  • traumatic brain injuries, and
  • even death.

Pursue the Compensation That You Deserve

Although the drunk driver may face criminal penalties for his or her conduct, the victim of any drunk driving accident in Boston can work with an attorney to bring a civil claim to recover compensation for his or her injuries.

After showing that the defendant was negligent, you must prove that this negligence was the cause of the injuries that you sustained. This means that if the defendant can show that some other factor was the cause of your injuries, you may not be awarded compensation from that defendant. This can include evidence suggesting that you also acted negligently at the time of the crash. The final phase of the lawsuit involves determining how much compensation you are entitled to receive.

Some common damages that plaintiffs claim in drunk driving accidents include past and future medical expenses, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, pain and suffering, and more.

A seasoned Boston drunk driving accident lawyer can help you seek the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.

Meet With a Knowledgeable Drunk Driving Accident Attorney in Boston

Whether you were involved in a minor drunk driving collision or serious accident with life-altering consequences, you deserve dedicated and experienced legal counsel to help you navigate the legal issues involved in your case. We will assist you with gathering evidence, dealing with the insurance company, getting the medical care you need, and retaining the right consultants to bolster your claim.

Distracted Driving Accidents

One of the biggest dangers for Boston drivers and pedestrians is distracted driving. There are many types of conduct that could constitute distracted driving, but a large proportion of these situations involve cell phone usage behind the wheel.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that almost 4,000 people died as a result of distracted driving accidents during 2015, and nearly 400,000 suffered injuries. Although these are national statistics, they directly impact Boston residents. The dangers of distracted driving are even greater in bustling cities with heavy traffic and busy crowds of pedestrians.

The Law Offices of Barry Feinstein and Affiliates P.C. have handled many different types of distracted driving cases. Our Boston car accident lawyer knows how to investigate this type of crash to establish that the driver was acting negligently behind the wheel. Contact us today to start learning more about your legal rights.

Distracted Driving is a Serious Danger on Massachusetts Roadways

There are many different activities that qualify as distracted driving. This includes many different types of cell phone-related tasks like perusing social media, emailing, texting, or taking calls.

Bringing a Personal Injury Claim After a Distracted Driving Accident

If you are injured in a motor vehicle crash, it is important that you explore your legal rights as soon as possible, including speaking with a personal injury attorney about your case and options.

To recover compensation, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant was not using reasonable care and skill behind the wheel at the time of the crash and that this caused you to suffer injuries.

Distracted driving is often considered a form of negligent driving because a reasonable and prudent driver would keep his or her eyes on the road. After showing that the defendant driver failed to exercise reasonable care, the plaintiff must prove that there is a sufficient causal connection between the crash and his or her injuries.

In other words, the plaintiff must show that he or she would not have become injured but for the defendant’s distracted driving activity.

When it comes to damages, the plaintiff can recover compensation for a variety of expenses including past and future medical bills, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and more. A seasoned personal injury attorney can help you seek the full amount of compensation that you deserve.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Serving Boston Residents

Whether you have suffered minor injuries or devastating conditions that will impact the rest of your life in a distracted driving accident, you deserve compassionate and dedicated legal counsel. We ensure that each client receives personal attention and timely responses throughout the legal process. 

Aggressive Driving Accidents

Being in a car accident can be terribly stressful at best, and lead to life-altering injuries or fatalities at worst.

Aggressive driving accidents can lead to some of the most gruesome and life-altering collisions, including those causing fatalities because they often happen at high speeds or create chain-reaction accidents that involve multiple vehicles. If you have suffered injuries or lost a loved one due to another’s aggressive or negligent driving, a skilled Massachusetts car accident attorney can help you determine your options for seeking compensation.

Reckless and Dangerous Driving in Massachusetts

Aggressive driving and accidents that happen as the result of road rage are an unfortunate occurrence on US highways. Under Massachusetts law, reckless driving is considered a criminal offense. It is defined as operating a vehicle in a reckless manner that would likely cause bodily injury or death to another person.

Major metropolitan centers as well as more rural attractions throughout the state are home to countless individuals and host many tourists and business travelers each year. This can lead to traffic congestion and other hold-ups on the roadways. When drivers can’t keep their cool, they often resort to aggressive driving tactics such as speeding, tailgating, changing lanes excessively in order to get ahead, intentionally slamming on the brakes in front of another car, and cutting off other drivers.

All of these actions put motorists at serious risk of suffering harm, especially if the aggressive driver is also engaged in distracted driving activities like texting or talking on the phone. Some reckless drivers also become confrontational and may instigate arguments or make aggressive gestures towards other motorists in an attempt to incite them, including shouting and honking.

Seek Compensation for Your Injuries

If you were injured by a reckless driver, then you can bring a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries and the expenses that are directly associated with the crash.

The first thing to do after an accident is to obtain prompt medical treatment to ensure that you are cared for while also creating a record of the injuries you sustained. It is also important to obtain contact information for any eyewitnesses who might be able to testify about the defendant’s reckless driving and conduct.

In the lawsuit, you will need to show that the defendant failed to drive with the same reasonable care and skill that a prudent driver would use when faced with a similar situation. This includes obeying traffic laws, driving the speed limit, yielding the right-of-way, and refraining from aggressive or reckless driving that puts others at risk.

Obtaining a copy of any police reports prepared regarding the crash is usually a good way to establish that the defendant was engaged in some type of negligent driving. A knowledgeable accident lawyer can help you in gathering evidence to support your claims.

If you can show that the other driver operated his or her vehicle negligently and that you were injured as a direct result, you will be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Keeping diligent records of your expenses is an important step in ensuring that you receive the full amount of compensation that you deserve. Massachusetts allows a prevailing plaintiff to receive compensation for many categories of damages including past and future estimated medical bills, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Meet with a Committed Car Accident Attorney in Massachusetts

Aggressive driving accidents are some of the most frustrating types of motor vehicle crashes because of the aggressive driver’s intentional and disrespectful behavior toward other drivers. If you were injured or lost a loved one as a result of someone’s reckless driving, you may be entitled to compensation.

A seasoned injury lawyer at our Massachusetts firm can provide you with the responsive and diligent legal counsel that you deserve and assist you with seeking to hold a reckless driver responsible.

If you have been wounded in a vehicle accident, the driver should be held accountable for their conduct. Our automobile accident lawyers in Peabody, MA will fight for you. We can assist you in obtaining the medical attention you need and the compensation you deserve.

Our automobile accident lawyers have years of experience defending innocent victims like you who have sustained devastating injuries in car accidents. We will fight for you to get the maximum compensation available for your injuries. 

Contact an Aggressive Car Accident Lawyer in the Boston Area

We have seen many times how stressful and life-changing a car accident can be for a victim. 

The legal system can be complicated and confusing, especially if you have never been involved in a lawsuit. We can stand by you throughout the entire process, from investigating the claim to protecting your rights against insurance companies

We have served victims and their families in the areas around Boston, Cambridge, Waltham, Lowell, Newton, Somerville, Quincy, Dedham, Norwood, Brookline, Peabody, and more areas in New England. To schedule a free consultation with an attorney following a car, motorcycle, or bicycle accident, call us at (888) 207-3524 or contact us online.

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