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Blind Spot Car Accidents

Lawyers Helping Those Injured in Massachusetts

One of the most important issues covered in driver education courses is to always be aware of blind spots. Just because you check your rear or sideview mirror does not mean that your path is free of obstacles. A blind spot can put motorcycle riders, other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians at serious risk and can lead to blind spot car accidents. If you were hurt in such an accident, the Massachusetts car accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Barry Feinstein & Affiliates P.C. are available to help you learn more about your legal rights.

Blind Spot Car Accidents

Blind spot car accidents occur when a driver does not check his or her blind spots while driving. Blind spots can exist in multiple places. A common example would be to the side of a vehicle. Although a sideview mirror is intended to help a driver identify any objects or hazards on either side of the vehicle, it does not always provide a complete picture of where someone or another vehicle is located. The pillar that connects the vehicle’s windshield to the rest of the vehicle can also create blind spots facing forward.

The larger the vehicle, the more likely there will be blind spots. In addition, if there is severe weather involved, such as ice, which is a reality in Massachusetts during the cold weather months, then blind spots can become even more dangerous. Blind spot collisions can also happen when a driver is navigating a complex section of roadway like a roundabout or intersection or when backing out of a parking spot or driveway. Although back up cameras have increased driver safety and awareness, they can still come with blind spots that are outside of the camera’s view.

Assert Your Claim for Compensation

A blind spot accident is a type of personal injury claim. Under Massachusetts law, drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles with reasonable care and skill in the same way that a prudent driver would act when confronting a similar situation on the road. A careful driver would be aware of his or her blind spots and make sure they are clear before proceeding. This can mean looking over one’s shoulder before changing lanes or turning into a bike lane instead of just relying on a sideview mirror to determine if the way is clear.

One way to help prove that the other driver did not operate their vehicle according to the standard of care is to request a copy of a police report prepared after the crash. The police report may note whether the driver failed to check his or her blind spots. If there is no police report, then you may need to consult an accident reconstructionist expert who can review the evidence and prepare a report stating how the accident happened. This is important for proving that the defendant’s failure to drive with appropriate care was the direct cause of your injuries. If some other factor was the primary cause of your injuries like a poorly designed section of road then you may not be able to receive compensation from that driver.

If you are able to establish a causal link between the driver’s conduct and your injuries, then you can recover compensation. Massachusetts allows plaintiffs in personal injury cases to recover compensation for any direct expenses associated with the crash as well as future estimated expenses. This means that you can receive compensation for your medical bills that you’ve already had to pay as well as the cost of your future estimated medical care. A lawyer can work with you to make sure that you seek the full amount of compensation that you deserve.

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