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Passenger Rights After a Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident

Every year various safety agencies analyze traffic reports and compile research regarding accident data. While the pandemic brought a reduction in daily traffic and road congestion, reports indicate that there were over 330 fatal crashes in Massachusetts in 2020; the same number as in 2019. Although there were fewer fatal pedestrian accidents in 2020, all other modes of transportation saw increased fatal accidents. In regards to motorcycle accidents, there were 47 fatal accidents in 2019 and 51 in 2020. As summer progresses and more people take to the roads, this number will likely increase.

Motorcycle riding is a popular mode of transportation, but it leaves passengers and operators vulnerable to severe accidents. Motorcycle passengers tend to be in an even more defenseless position because they are at the mercy of the motorcycle operator. When a passenger suffers injuries in an accident, the law provides them with recourse for their damages. Depending on the case’s unique circumstances, the passenger or their representative may have a valid claim for damages against multiple parties.

A Massachusetts motorcycle passenger may recover damages from the bike’s operator, another at-fault driver, both the operator and the other driver, or even the motorcycle manufacturer. Available compensation depends on the extent of the passenger’s injuries or whether they experienced fatal injuries. For instance, Massachusetts police are investigating a double fatal motorcycle crash. According to reports, a motorcycle operator and his passenger wife were traveling north when they collide with a southbound sedan. Tragically the couple did not survive the accident and died upon impact. Emergency responders transported the sedan’s driver to a local hospital. While no charges have been placed at this time, police are still investigating the incident.

Filing a personal injury claim as a motorcycle passenger is similar to filing a claim as a car accident passenger. The passenger, or estate, if the passenger is deceased, should file a claim against the at-fault parties. An attorney can assist passengers or their representatives in evaluating the extent of damages and possible settlement amounts. The plaintiff can move forward with settlement negotiations or litigation. These cases require an extensive understanding of complex tort laws. A skilled and experienced attorney can present the passenger’s claim for damages in a compelling and legally sound way.

Have You Suffered Injuries While on a Motorcycle?

If you or someone you love has suffered injuries in a Massachusetts motorcycle accident, contact the Law Offices of Barry Feinstein And Affiliates P.C. for help. The Massachusetts injury attorneys at our law firm have over 25 years of experience successfully representing injury victims in their claims. We have experience successfully negotiating claims and settlements with at-fault parties and insurance companies. Additionally, we have garnered significant verdicts in favor of our clients. We handle cases involving Massachusetts motor vehicle accidents, defective products, premises liability, medical malpractice and more. Damages in these cases typically include monetary compensation for medical expenses, ongoing treatment, pain and suffering, and funeral and burial expenses. Contact our office at 800-262-9200 to schedule a free initial confidential consultation with an attorney at our firm.


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