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Massachusetts Wrong-Way Car Accidents

Wrong-way car accidents occur when one or more vehicles travel in a lane opposite to the flow of traffic. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), wrong-way accidents do not occur as frequently as other types of accidents in Massachusetts. However, these accidents tend to result in more serious injuries and fatalities. These collisions are typically more severe because the wrong-way driver is usually unaware that they are traveling in the wrong lane. As such, the oncoming driver may be driving at high rates or erratically while drivers in the proper lane usually have little to no time to safely avert the impending collision. Wrong-way accident injury victims may be able to recover for their losses under Massachusetts personal injury laws.

Massachusetts wrong way car collisions usually occur because the negligent driver is intoxicated, under the influence of illicit or prescribed medication, distracted, or fatigued. Further, some of these accidents occur because the road conditions are unsafe or the weather presents motorists with obstructions related to fog, heavy rain or snow. The NTSB reports that these accidents are amongst the “most serious types of highway accidents.”

For instance, recently, a local news report described a harrowing Massachusetts wrong-way accident. Law enforcement responded to the scene of an accident in Somerset, Massachusetts. According to reports, an SUV driver was driving east on the highway’s west side when it slammed into a sedan. The sedan burst into flames, and the 21-year-old driver died at the scene of the accident. The 50-year-old SUV driver from Rhode Island, survived, but suffered serious injuries.

It is often difficult to think clearly after these catastrophic situations; however, injury victims and bystanders should take certain steps after a wrong-way collision. If possible, all parties should try and move their vehicles off the road as soon as possible. They should then contact law enforcement and medical personnel. In most cases, filing a police report is a critical step after a wrong-way accident, as it serves as evidence for insurance claims and legal proceedings.

Wrong-way accidents often result in serious injuries and long-term medical disabilities. After a wrong-way accident, some common injuries are spinal cord injuries, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, organ damage, and burns. Additionally, these traumatic accidents may result in mental distress and psychological conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. Victims should document the details of the accident and contact an attorney to discuss their rights and remedies.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Massachusetts Car Accident?

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