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Truck Accidents Involving Blind Spots in Massachusetts

Given the sheer size and weight of trucks, accidents involving these vehicles can lead to catastrophic, even deadly, injuries. Unfortunately, blind spots are a leading factor in many truck accident cases. If you were injured in a truck blind spot accident, you need to reach out to a seasoned Massachusetts truck accident attorney as soon as possible. With over two decades of experience, Barry Feinstein & Affiliates, P.C. has been helping victims of big rig and semi-truck collisions recover the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Blind Spots Leading to Accidents

Every vehicle has blind spots that inhibit a driver’s ability to see certain areas around the vehicle. A blind spot refers to an area where the truck driver’s view is obstructed. In other words, a blind spot is the space around the truck that the driver cannot directly see through the rear view mirrors or the side mirrors. A truck’s blind spot can be so significant that it is often referred to as “No Man’s Land.” In fact, entire vehicles can hide in the blind spots of big trucks. When a truck driver cannot see other vehicles on the road, changing lanes can be extremely dangerous, and vehicles traveling in adjacent lanes can be struck, crushed or forced off the road.

Liability in Blind Spot Accidents

Truck drivers have a duty to drive safely, including checking all mirrors and all blind spots. If you believe that your wreck was caused by a truck driver’s failure to check his or her blind spot, you may be able to recover damages through a negligence claim. Negligence occurs when a truck driver fails to use the level of care and caution that a reasonably prudent truck driver would use under the same or similar circumstances. For example, if a truck driver caused an accident because he or she failed to check blind spots before changing lanes, that driver would likely be considered negligent and on the hook for any resulting damages.

In addition, the trucking company may be responsible for your accident if the truck driver was acting in the scope of his or her employment at the time of the crash. In short, a truck driver’s negligence may be imputed to the trucking company, in some cases.

Compensation in Blind Spot Accident Cases 

After a truck accident, you may have a variety of unexpected problems. Fortunately, Massachusetts law may permit victims of truck accidents to recover compensation for their harm. If certain criteria are met through a personal injury claim, an individual can typically seek medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement and compensation, plus any other losses arising from the accident.

Hiring a Skilled Massachusetts Truck Accident Attorney

Blind spot truck accidents can be devastating for victims. If you have been injured or your loved one has been killed truck blind spot accident, we can help. At The Law Offices of Barry Feinstein & Affiliates P.C. , our highly skilled truck accident attorneys are committed to getting our clients the compensation they deserve for their harm. For a free case evaluation, please feel free to call us at 1-800-262-9200 or contact us online.

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