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Personal Injury Lawsuits Following a Massachusetts Bike Accident

Bicycling is an increasingly popular transportation method in Massachusetts, however, the increase in bicycling corresponds with a rise in Massachusetts bike accidents. To address the dangers of biking, cities have created bike lanes to make biking safer and more accessible. Although, bike lanes are part of a more significant nationwide safety effort, they often pose risks of their own, especially when the lanes are poorly designed.

According to the National Association of City Transportation, a bike lane is a defined part of a roadway that has been designated for the exclusive use of bicyclists. These lanes are typically marked with distinctive signage or markings. The lanes allow bicyclists to safely ride without traffic interference. However, in most cases, bike lanes do not have any barriers to protect cyclists from encroaching vehicles. These lanes usually run in the same direction as traffic; but in some instances, there may be portions that run in the opposite direction of traffic. It is crucial that cities thoroughly evaluate traffic patterns and provide sufficient buffers and signage to protect bicyclists from traffic, pedestrians, and parked vehicles.

Despite safety measures, bike lanes pose risks because of the inherent danger of bicyclists sharing the roadway with vehicles. In fact, some argue that bikers and motorists fail to appreciate the danger of sharing the road because of the false sense of security that a bike lane may provide. However, many accidents can be avoided if these lanes are appropriately designed and include sufficient signage and barriers.

For example, a recent report indicates that Cambridge, Massachusetts safety officials are making changes after a bicyclist suffered fatal injuries in an accident with a tractor-trailer. An initial investigation revealed that a tractor-trailer was driving westbound when it collided with a bicyclist; the biker was pronounced dead at the accident scene. Following this and another fatal accident, the city decided to build a separated bike lane to reduce traffic between Harvard Square and Harvard Yard.

As the above instance illustrates, Massachusetts biking accidents can lead to serious and fatal injuries. These injuries often include traumatic brain damage, spinal cord injury, broken bones, and internal bleeding. Many biking injury victims suffer from life-long disabilities. Victims of these accidents should contact an attorney to discuss their rights and remedies.

Have You Been Injured in a Massachusetts Bicycle Accident?

If you or someone you love has been injured in a Massachusetts bike accident, contact the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Barry Feinstein and Affiliates P.C. The attorneys at our law firm have over 25 years of experience advocating on behalf of Massachusetts injury victims against big insurance companies, negligent government entities, and at-fault motorists. Our office represents injury victims in their cases stemming from car and truck accidents, biking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other similar situations. Through our diligent representation, our clients have recovered substantial amounts of compensation for their medical expenses, ongoing medical treatment, lost wages and benefits, and pain and suffering. Contact our office at 800-262-9200 to discuss your personal injury lawsuit with an attorney at our firm.


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