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Massachusetts Nursing Homes Struggle to Fight COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to sweep through Massachusetts nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. As of May 2, 2020, there are 66,263 COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts, and there have been 3,846 deaths. The rate of confirmed cases per capita is the third highest in the United States, and the death rate per capita is the fourth highest in the country.

Massachusetts state officials recently began posting a list of assisted-living facilities with two or more confirmed coronavirus cases, along with nursing homes. However, it does not include an actual number of confirmed cases, but rather a range of cases. More than half of the assisted-living facilities have at least two cases. Many have 30 or more cases.

As of May 2nd, there have been 12,574 COVID-19 cases among residents and healthcare workers of long-term care facilities. Three hundred twenty long-term care facilities have reported at least one case of COVID-19 at a facility and there have been 2,284 COVID-19 deaths reported in long-term care facilities. According to these numbers, the majority of coronavirus deaths in Massachusetts have occurred in these facilities, underscoring the extent to which they are at the center of the public health crisis in Massachusetts. There are 17,000 residents in assisted-living communities across 260 facilities in the state and about 38,000 nursing home residents. Outbreaks were reported in facilities in the Boston area, including Sunrise of Arlington, Goddard House in Brookline, and The Falls at Cordingly Dam in Newton.

According to a recent news report, one state representative argued that because of the risk to aging adults, COVID-19 deaths should also be published at subsidized senior apartments and this representative also pushed for greater detail concerning COVID-19 cases in long-term care facilities. While some assisted-living facilities have communicated openly with residents and their families about coronavirus exposure, others have kept them in the dark, including residents who have tested positive.

A friend and guardian of one resident at Sunrise of Arlington, said that she was only told that the resident had tested positive for COVID-19 the day after she was rushed to the hospital. The resident died three days later. She was told by nurses that many residents were coughing, but the facility\’s management had still not made an official announcement. The resident\’s guardian expressed frustration over the lack of communication about the situation at the facility. The facility has said that nine residents have died, and 25 have tested positive for the virus.

At Cordingly Dam in Newton, 21 residents have died in the state\’s worst known outbreak. Some residents have dementia and do not understand why their loved ones are no longer visiting.

Wrongful Death Claims in Massachusetts

In the tragic event of the death of a family member or loved one, you may be able to recover compensation for their wrongful death and hold the party at fault liable. Under Massachusetts\’s wrongful death, a plaintiff may bring a claim against a defendant who causes a person\’s death because of their negligence, or who, by a \”willful, wanton or reckless act\” causes the person\’s death.

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If you believe that your loved one has been abused or neglected at a Massachusetts nursing home or assisted-living facility because they have contracted COVID-19, or for any other reason, contact the lawyers at the Law Offices of Barry Feinstein & Affiliates P.C. We have been fighting the big insurance companies for over 25 years, handling various personal injury lawsuits, including Massachusetts car accidents, medical malpractice, and wrongful death claims. We continue to provide free consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic. To find out more, contact us at 800-262-9200 or fill out our online form now.


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