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How Common are Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Massachusetts?

Unfortunately, commercial vehicle accidents are quite common in Massachusetts.

What Kinds of Vehicles are Generally Involved in Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

Most cases of commercial vehicle accidents involve large trucks, but they can also involve smaller trucks or regular vehicles.

What are the Most Common Causes About Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

The most common causes of commercial vehicle accidents are driver error, blind spots, fatigue, faulty equipment, faulty loading, and the driver not paying attention to the road, among others.

Who is Potentially Liable for a Commercial Vehicle Accident?

The vehicle operator, the owner, the trucking company, the company carrying the product, and the company that loaded the product are all potentially liable for commercial vehicle accidents

If the Commercial Driver is an Independent Contractor How Does it Impact the Accident Claim?

I do advise clients to pursue the driver independent and individually. If he’s an independent contractor, there may be issues involved, and that’s why they should have an attorney that’s experienced in commercial vehicle accidents handle these cases.

How do Commercial Vehicle Accidents Differ From Regular Auto Accidents?

In these types of cases, we’re generally talking about driver error, blind spots, fatigue, or an operator could be driving for an extended period of time, longer than he should be. We could be talking about faulty equipment, we could be talking about the large trucks carry large loads, meaning that possibly the load wasn’t placed on the truck properly. As passenger vehicles, potentially the driver may not have been paying attention to the road, so there are many issues that are involved.

What are the Severe Injuries Resulting From Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

There can be many types of severe injuries resulting from commercial vehicle accidents, including brain injuries, various neck, back, arm, and leg injuries; with hardware such as plates, pins, and rods inserted, or herniated disks in the neck and the back, among others. One has to remember that if you’re in an ordinary passenger vehicle, and a large truck strikes you, the injuries can just be exceptionally serious if not catastrophic.

Are Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims Involving Big Companies Difficult to Handle?

All cases involving commercial vehicle accidents are difficult. Trucking companies and insurers don’t like to pay out large amounts of money. They get very experienced counsel, and that’s why people should have lawyers with a good track record, with the great deal of experience, representing them. It’s important that as soon as possible, documentary evidence be assembled and preserved. Photographs of the scene may be essential and in some cases we may get an accident reconstruction expert to come in, and reconstruct the locus and the entire area of the accident. It’s very important to get to this as soon as possible, so that we can do everything that can be done to document the incident.

What Compensation can one Expect to Recover From A Commercial Vehicle Accident Claim?

The type of compensation that we look at are medical expenses that are incurred, as well as future medical expenses, lost wages and future loss of earning capacity, and loss of society, companionship, and suffering. In cases involving large trucks, the injuries can be very serious, so the medical bills can be very significant. In many cases, the time away from work, and possibly if the injuries are that serious, and the healing process doesn’t allow one to return back to work to the position that they have been earning the good living before, we’d be looking at the future loss of earning capacity as well.

How do you Determine the Time to Achieve a Settlement When You Consider the Rehabilitation Aspect?

Injuries can be catastrophic and ongoing for the remainder of one’s life. It’s when an individual reaches an end result, when the doctor says that the injured person is as recovered as they can expect, that we factor in a value as to what the permanency is from that point. We do this by utilizing life charts, and possibly utilizing economists. That would give us an idea as to what the projected value of the claim would be.

Why is it Critical to Retain An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney to Handle a Commercial Vehicle Accident Claim?

There are many issues that are involved in these cases, including how the accident occurs, who can be held responsible for the incident, how extensive the injuries are. Because of this, it’s important that somebody hires an attorney who has a great deal of experience in handling these cases, and a proven track record.

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