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Drivers Beware: Winter Weather Brings Hazardous Conditions to Massachusetts Roads

Winter weather, including snow and ice, is a major cause of Massachusetts car accidents. Each year, Massachusetts gets about four feet of rain and another four feet of snow. On top of that, there are on average 90 days in which the temperature reaches below freezing. As a result, Massachusetts roads can be very hazardous to both drivers and pedestrians during the winter months.

Poor weather conditions can impact road safety in several important ways. Of course, when roads are covered in snow or ice, drivers have a harder time maintaining control of their vehicles. This is especially the case the morning after a heavy storm, when frozen snow or ice has had a chance to melt and then re-freeze as temperatures decrease overnight.

Winter weather can also result in a driver’s inability to evade a hazard that they may otherwise have been able to avoid. For example, just last week there was a 69-car pile-up on a Virginia highway. According to the New York Times, the chain-reaction accident began in the westbound lanes of the highway shortly after 8 a.m. Evidently, the roads were icy and a heavy fog had rolled in that morning.

As motorists approached the initial crash, they were unable to come to a complete stop, colliding into the other vehicles. Pictures of the accident show what looks to be an endless sea of cars, with fireman dispersed throughout. There were also reports that eastbound drivers who were distracted by the massive accident crashed into other vehicles on the highway. In all, 69 vehicles were involved in the massive accident, and 51 people were injured. Eleven of those injuries were serious.

Of course, drivers are expected to adjust their driving habits in times of inclement weather. And a motorist’s failure to do so can result in civil liability through a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit. However, establishing liability in a Massachusetts chain-reaction car accident, such as the one discussed above, can be difficult. By their nature, these accidents involve many drivers, and proving which of those drivers caused or contributed to subsequent collisions can be tricky. These cases can also present problems for accident victims because, often, any named defendant will point the finger at the accident victim, claiming that they too were responsible for the accident. This can drastically reduce the amount of compensation a Massachusetts car accident victim receives.

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